I have come across this use of "as interesting as" the meaning of which I am not sure about. The context is that I sent emails to several drainlayers explaining a one-off job that I would like to get done and asking if they would be interested to take it. One of them replied he is not interested in this way:

Thanks for the offer Eugene but I will have to turn down the offer, as interesting as it would be to do.

I have two ideas what that "as interesting as" might mean but not too sure either way:

  • althought it would be interesting to do the job you offered, I have to decline
  • the job is not interesting therefore I have to decline

Can someone please enlighten me on the subject?

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    It means that he thinks the job is interesting, but he's declining anyway. – godel9 Apr 3 '18 at 1:18

I wouldn't say it's a special use of the expression. It's just conjugated using the subjunctive -- which is not really necessary but stylistically interesting.

It's built as follows:

That is interesting to do

That would be interesting to do

As interesting as that would be to do, ... (I can't do it)

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