Which of the below sentence is correct?

Coincidencely, From past 2 -3 days me and my friend leave office at same time and meet at bus stop at same time. So curiosly I want to ask him ......

a) Why our time always matches?


b) Why our time always match?

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    Neither one of those sentences is correctly formed. Questions typically follow an inverted verb-subject pattern, e.g. Why do you, How is he, Can they... – godel9 Apr 10 '18 at 14:46
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    I can't quite follow the logic of of this stream of thought. If your leaving office at the same time is a coincidence, why are you asking your friend about it? Let's ignore that part and look at grammar alone. Your lead-up sentence should be: "Coincidentally, for the past two or three days, my friend and I leave office at the same time, and end up meeting at the bus stop. So, I was curious to ask him...". The section you are asking about should be "... why our times always match." This would be grammatically sound, but I would not use this wording myself. – urnonav Apr 10 '18 at 15:31

You are talking about the time you leave the office and the time that your friend leaves the office, and are wondering why these two times match: note the plural. As an affirmative statement, you would therefore say

Our times always match.

When you make a question, you have to invert the subject and the auxiliary verb. If there is no auxiliary word, you add do as an auxiliary verb, then invert it.

Our times do always match - add do as an auxiliary verb
Why do our times always match? - invert subject and auxiliary

The correct sentence is therefore

Why do our times always match?

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