Jack is better .... English, but he is worse ... Math than I am.

Which preposition is suitable? a) at/ in b) in/ at c) at/ at d) in/ in

I just know "good at" and "weak in". I'm confusing to choose the answer. When you use comparative, which preposition is more suitable? What is the correct answer?

  • to be good at something, to be bad at something. – Lambie Apr 13 '18 at 15:30

Both "at" and "in" are acceptable, although in the context of describing someone's skill, "at" sounds better to me.

He is worse at Math than I am.

Still, "in" is common:

He is weak in Math, but good in English.

"Weak at" is perfectly fine:

The entire team is weak at shooting free throws.


Answer: c) at/at

In general, Math and English are both subjects/topics. However, in this context,

better ____ English

worse ____ Math

we are referring to how good/bad the person is at performing tasks related to the respective subjects.

One can only good/bad at something, NOT in it.

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