Which one is mostly recommended to speak

1) We played a game and I won to him


2) We played a game and I won from him



The choice of prepositions is dependent on the requirements of the particular words in the sentence, in this case the verb win.

The verb "win" (past tense *won") doesn't take an indirect object like this. You can say:

We played a game, and I won. (implicitly he lost)

or explicitly using the verb "beat", which gives a different meaning to its direct object:

We played a game, and I beat him.

The object of the verb "won" is the prize, for example:

We played a game, and I won a teddy-bear from him.

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  • Note that this is not a question about to and from, or a question about English grammar in general. Like many questions about prepositions, it is a question about the requirements of a specific word, in this case, the verb win. – Colin Fine Apr 14 '18 at 19:30

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