Let's say your friend put himself in a dangerous situation that almost got him killed. Can you say:

WTH dude! That was a death wish right there!

Does it mean also as ''you almost got yourself killed''?

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A death wish refers to a latent desire to die (which goes back to one of Freud's psychological theories about the death-force or death-drive). When we do something reckless, someone might ask, "Dude, do you have a death wish?" but the reckless act is not itself called a death wish. We wouldn't say, "Dude, that was a death wish!"

  • Also "You must have a death wish."
    – user3169
    Commented Apr 15, 2018 at 0:14

You are right. It's like you said, the friend has put himself in a very dangerous situation that death seemed as an end or result he "wished" for.

  • Answers like "you're right" are incomplete and low quality. At the very least, I would have suggested the more common version of this idiom. Even better is to provide references and example sentences.
    – Andrew
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