I used this in my poem about war and peace:

"Why must we have war?

When we could live peacefully or,

Find a door,

That leads to not a country that is war-tore,

But one that has peace,

And one that’s peace could never cease.

And with inhabitants whose peace could never decrease,

And it would be a masterpiece.

Peace and war have something common you see,

Both can start from a tiny action as can be,"

Is this grammatically correct?

  • No, but you can say "an action as tiny as can be" – Timinycricket Apr 15 '18 at 1:46

It doesn't sound correct to me. As @Timinycricket mentioned, "an action as tiny as can be" would work.

The general structure would be something like "[noun] as [adjective] as can be".

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