There are some questions in my english book which i didnt know 》pandas look gentle ,but in fact they are quite (fierce -thoughtful-intelligent-graceful) ( i think due to the word but it should be fierce but panadas arent fierce so is it intelligent?)

》the fans in the football stadium cheered for the players on the (ring -court- pitch) ( i think it is court but i want to know when i chose ring?)

》my brother and I are always fighting .... something (is it (for) or (on) or sth else?) (What is the difference between fight for and on)

》my brother brought home a kitten that he had found on the street , we cared ... it together ( for or about)? And what is the difference?

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Fierce Thoughtful, intelligent and graceful could be associated with "gentle", however fierce is not. The but in this sentence suggests an opposing thought to what you would assume about pandas.

Court/Pitch Both work for this; you would say in the ring. A ring is used in fighting or martial arts (boxing, wrestling). A court is something like tennis or basketball (a sport with a smaller size than a pitch). A pitch is for sports such as football (soccer and American), rugby, cricket.

For In this instance, fighting for something means you are fighting to win something, potentially a prize. You may also fight about something, if you are arguing for example. Fighting on something is rarely used and would only make sense in a specific circumstance, "we are fighting on Tuesday".

For If you care for something, you have responsibility to maintain its health and well-being. If you care about something, it means you have interest or passion in a concept, e.g. "I care about politics."


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