Merrian Webster dictionary defines Submission as either:

1.An act of submitting

  1. Condition of being submissive.

However in the synonyms, the list is "compliance, obedience, subordination". It seems there is an emphasis on the second meaning. As a native speaker, do you feel so? or not?

I am wanting to use this word for the first meaning. For example after I send some info to a server, I want to say that was a "XXX info submission". Do you consider appropriate, and if not please provide options

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Submission is derived from the verb submit: you will probably find a wider range of meanings for the verb than to the derived noun.

The word submit comes from the latin parts sub + mittere, which means under + send: it meant to send something for judgement. By the 14th century, this started to take on the meaning that you refer to "compliance, obedience, subordination", which refers strongly to the under part- the element of judgement by some higher power.

In business (and particularly in computer systems), the emphasis is more on the send part. Here is a definition from the Cambridge dictionary:

to formally send a document, plan, etc. to a person or group in authority so that they can make a decision about it.

When a web page or app sends information to a server, submission is exactly the right term to use. The app is sending the information, and the server has the authority to decide what to do with it.

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