The movie Field of Dreams has a line:

Annie: I'll put up some coffee. Why don't you go on outside.

Dictionaries don't seem to have this meaning. The Free Dictionary has entries on "provide funds", but I guess that's not the same as to provide coffee.

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    Put up can mean to present or to offer. Compare Everyone agreed that their host had put up a fine spread. I believe it means "I will bring us out some coffee" (i.e. serve coffee) rather than "I will start a pot of coffee going."
    – TimR
    Apr 23, 2018 at 11:24

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I don't believe that this is a commonly used phrase anywhere. "I'll put on some coffee" is a much more idiomatic way of saying that one is about to begin brewing some coffee. A Google Books search for "put up some coffee" returns only ~16 results, one of which is quoting the movie Field of Dreams, and the others of which are almost exclusively found in a handful of trash novels. Compare this with nearly 7,000 results for "put on some coffee". I would say that you are much more likely to be understood using the latter.

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