What is the proper way to say, if I want to express, thanks for your "careness"?

I mean, I want to express, thanks for being care about me, i.e., thanking them for always having me on their mind, (or my illness, my pursuit etc), and kind enough to care & ask.

I know that "thanks for being care about me" is the about right what I want to express, however, I'm feeling that it has the underline meaning that I'm being weak, which is not the case. It's more about "thanks for your concern", but "concern" is too strong, and too serious to me.

This is not for a close friend, but someone I know from the Internet. I once told him, long time ago, that I'm determined to learn so and so, and 8+ months later, he still remember, and care enough to ask "how is it going", and I want to thank him for that, in a sentence as vague and as short possible, but still to the point.


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    The word is caring, not careness.
    – Lambie
    May 5, 2018 at 14:06

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There are a number of ways to say this. The two simplest expressions are:

Thanks for caring about me.

Thanks for thinking about me.

Depending on the context, "care" might sound too familiar. Instead you could say:

Thanks for following up with me. Yes, after you helped me out, I understand the material much better.

Other expressions of gratitude for those closer to you, especially those who regularly help you:

Thanks for taking (good) care of me.

Thanks for looking after me.

Thanks for always thinking about me.

Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts.


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