I am after a word that is not too unknown and that can convey the meaning of "desiredly? Here "desiredly" is only used to make a point; I did some search and am under the impression that there is no such a word as "desiredly". So I would like to have a word that could be a suitable proxy for that.

An example would be:

If you finish that sufficiently soon, then you will get paid "desiredly" soon.

(Here "desiredly" is to describe how soon this "you" specified ex ante; it is to be understood as "as desired".)

Just in case I have not made myself clear; the situation is like this: Suppose I employ someone and set the rule "Write down how long after you finished this job you would like to get paid; then I will set the time duration for you to finish it". It is in this sense I am trying to say "if you finish the job sufficiently soon, then you will get paid "desiredly" soon".

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    In practice I think most people would just say The quicker you finish the job, the sooner you get paid. If you truly intend to increase the number of days before you settle a contractor's invoice to the amount you're going to pay him (the number of days work you're signing him up for, clearly not his decision as to how long some task will take), you should use more words to explain (and perhaps justify) such an odd condition on the contract. May 5, 2018 at 16:56

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We can actually use the world "desired" here by changing the word order:

...you will get paid as soon as you desire.

However, another phrasing might be less cumbersome.

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