Which one is correct?

  1. London's topology school
  2. London Topology school

My question contains two facts:

  1. Should I write topology with the capital letter?
  2. Should I put 's ?
  • The London school of topology, and you are referring to a group of academics within an academic debate, aren't you? – Lambie May 9 '18 at 21:15

Firstly if the actual name of the school is "London Topology School" then absolutely use that and capitalise it appropriately!

Otherwise if you are just using these words to describe a school that you are then going on to name the difference would be whether or not it was the only school of topology in London.

"London's topology school" would imply that London only has one topology school.

"London topology school" does not imply that there is only one such school, merely that the school you are about to refer to is a school of topology in London.


London tourist attraction Madame Tussaud's has a new exhibit.

This is acceptable because Madame Tussaud's is not London's only tourist attraction.

London's most famous waxwork museum Madam Tussaud's has a new exhibit.

This is correct because by using the determiner "most" you are specifically singling the attraction out as the most famous waxwork museum in London.

Let's say you wanted to describe a school as the top (or best) topology school in London. You could write either:

London's top topology school [name of school]


Top London topology school [name of school]

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You should use the name that the school calls itself. I can't find a "London School of Topology" but I do see a:

London School of Geometry and Number Theory

Note that it's London not London's. The possessive is not typical, but it does show up here and there, notably in:

King's College, Cambridge

Note also that, typically, all the words are capitalized except the short linking words like "of", "and", "at", etc.

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