Which verb form is correct?

They saw that lady broke it last year


They saw that lady break it last year

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If "they" actually witnessed the act of breaking, then you should use:

They saw that lady break it last year

This is because "saw" puts "them" into the past tense, but "break" is present, so it implies they were actually there at the time.

The second option "they saw that lady broke it last year" does not necessarily mean that "they" witnessed the breakage. Because "broke" is in the past tense it could imply that "they" merely became aware of the breakage afterwards.

For example:

I saw President Trump went to Switzerland.

This could mean that you "saw" this retrospectively, perhaps that you read about it in a newspaper. Whereas...

I saw President Trump go to Switzerland.

... would imply that you actually saw him leave.

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