My kid has an English exercise at school, which asked them to turn the sentence Please come in. into a negative sentence. I thought that should be very simple, but then I realized that I was not 100% sure about word order here. So, can someone tell which one(s) are correct orders:

  1. Don't please come in.
  2. Please don't come in.
  3. Don't come in please.

It's a very simple question. I personally think they are all ok, but I am not quite sure. Appreciate if someone can help to confirm.

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Usually you should begin a polite request with a word like please. This identifies the statement as a polite request before the actual request.

Please don't come in.

It may be OK to put please at the end, but this will depend on context and emphasis.

Don't please come in.

doesn't make any sense. You would be negating "please come in", and you wouldn't ask someone to come in after prefacing it with "don't".

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