Have you ever fallen down and got hurt?

I wish to know if this is correct usage of tense. Specifically, is the sequence of tenses okay?

  • "fallen down and gotten hurt" – Sam May 13 '18 at 18:34

The tenses are correct, as is the sequence.

(You could also switch the sequence, but then you'd have to rephrase a bit to say that you got hurt because you fell down.)

Note that in the United States, both have got and have gotten can be used as the past participle of get. I believe that have gotten is more common, at least informally, but neither is wrong. In the UK, there is no such word at gotten—so, only have got is correct. (As a Canadian, I have seen and heard both. I would probably lean a little more toward have got—I have a more British-informed past—but am also comfortable with have gotten.)

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