I know it's correct to say:

"Talking of news, I have good news".

But being "news" an uncountable noun, I think that the sentence:

"Talking of news, I have a good one"

is incorrect. So, if I want to avoid repeating it, what should I use instead?

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    Talking of good news, here's some: [talks]. Otherwise, you must repeat it: Talking of news, here's some good news: [talks].
    – Lambie
    May 14, 2018 at 15:14

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In some cases, repetition is bad, as you already pointed out.

However, used with care, repetition can be good, for adding some emphasis or artistic style.

In your example, by repeating "news" you actually add emphasis that not only you have news, but they are important / exciting news.

Alternatively, you can use "new information", but you are probably not going to be any better.

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