What is meant by "Singular rejection"?

This combination is used by a news anchor while describing the defeat of a leader. He used the following sentence:

"The leader received a singular rejection, as under his leadership, his political party received electoral defeats in a number of states."

As per this usage, it appeared that by "Singular rejection" he meant "total rejection".

However, when I checked the meaning of "Singular" at Cambridge dictionary or at Oxford dictionary, I didn't find any meaning of "singular" matching this context. I also searched at Google Ngram and I found that this combination is used a lot, but I didn't find any definition of this combination.


You may have missed it but in Cambridge Dictionary

singular adj

[FORMAL] of an unusual quality or standard; noticeable:

Being noticeable a synonymn of notable that according to Google Translator is

worthy of attention or notice; remarkable.

Maybe you can not assure that it was a total rejection but it was remarkable one.


Check this one:

singular adj
3. a. Being beyond what is ordinary, especially in being exceptionally good; remarkable: "Dinners with [our two friends] became the evenings we looked forward to with singular pleasure" (David Halberstam).
b. Strange or unusual: "I accordingly obeyed forthwith what I still considered a very singular summons" (Edgar Allan Poe).

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