The following passage is the excerpt from a school textbook. What I want to know is whether 'where' in the passage can be replaced with 'which.'

I know the verb 'hit' can be used both as transitive verb and as intransitive verb.

In this context, can I put 'which' in place of 'where' and use 'hit' as transitive? I think it makes no difference.

Here is a story of a young man who survived Hurricane Sandy, one of the most violent storms ever to hit the United States. A lady named Christine at Toms River, New Jersey, where the hurricane hit hard, was lucky enough to escape from her house before the storm hit. When she returned to her damaged house, after the storm had passed, she found a note.

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Yes, you're correct. You can use 'which' instead of 'where' and make the verb 'hit' transitive. It won't change the meaning of the sentence.

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