Context : A teacher in the class has been addressing the same thing to the students for over a week. One of the students feel bored and disgusted and he speaks this:

Isn't it healthy to, like, move on?

What's the meaning of healthy in this context.

According to me, it should be "a good decision". Isn't it?


The student is copying advice often given to people suffering with emotional trauma or distress. If you have experienced some loss like a bad divorce or even the death of a relative, it's considered acceptable to be unhappy for some period; but at some point, you must continue with your life. In such a situation, a friend might say to you, "It is [psychologically] healthy to move on [with your life]."

Here the student is making a joke that the teacher seems to be obsessing on one topic with the same obsession that they might have with a death in the family or some other traumatic event.

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