How many language do you speak?


How many language you speak?

Which one is correct? What is the difference?

I have found another example:

How much food are you going to take with yourselves?


How much food you are going to take with yourselves?`

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    All four are incorrect. It should be plural languages, not singular. And Do-Support is required in a yes-no question with no auxiliary verb. The second pair should have with you instead of with yourselves, and Subject-Auxiliary Inversion is required in real questions. – John Lawler May 22 '18 at 18:10

In a WH-question where the question word is not the subject, we always put the auxiliary before the subject, introducing a form of do as auxiliary if there isn't already one.


How many languages do you speak?

In very informal speech, the auxiliary (do, are etc) is sometimes inaudible, or very nearly so; but in more careful speech it is always there.

A point you didn't ask about: language is a count noun, so you appropriately used how many rather than how much. But how many is always followed by a plural: how many languages, not how many language.


I think the first one is correct because in the second on their has no verb.. Do is the verb of these sentences. in second sentence main verb is absence.

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