Let's say you are describing your friend. And you say:

Mr.B is our go to person. He gives/gave us advice every now and then.

I constructed a paragraph few months ago, and I used the past verb tense preceeding ''every now and then''. Furthermore, If I use ''gave'' here in this sentence, then it does not sound correct for me.(I'm not sure)

Do we put:

simple present tense+''every now then'' or

Past tense+''every now and then''

  • Both of them are correct, it just depends whether you mean "every now and then now" or only "every now and then only in the past".
    – stangdon
    May 23, 2018 at 12:40

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While every now and then suggests an activity that still continues intermittently, it is used both in the present tense and the past to mean occasionally.

It's quite legitimate to say both:

We meet them every now and then


We used to meet them every now and then.

So you can use either give or gave depending on whether Mr B still gives you advice.

Note that the expression go-to person requires a hyphen in the sense that you are using it.

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