Which tense should I use with so far in the following sentences? I know we use present tense with so far. But I don't if it should be present perfect or simple present. I have provided some example sentences below. Please tell me which tense I should use.

  1. My bike is running/has been running quite smoothly so far.
  2. John: Hey Subha, how is/(has) your day (been going) so far? Me- It is/has been quite good so far.

"So far" means "up to now", which is what the present perfect continuous also means. So they go together nicely.

My bike has been running smoothly so far. I hope it'll make it through the end of the week without needing to go to the shop.

That being said, the simple present is fine in the context of your second sentence:

John: Hey Subha, how's your day going?
Subha: It's good so far.

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