Tesla 3 stands out from any other car/cars ever made today.

As for as I know, if you use any+noun (it should be singular, right?) MOREVER, according to my sentence ''any'' was followed by ''other''-->any other.

  • So, should I make it singular-> any+singular noun =any other car OR
  • should it be any other+plural noun =anym other cars(because the ''other'' takes the plural noun.)

I have just heard a middle aged American said ''any other car ever made'' but grammatically I think this is wrong(not sure though that's why I am asking hehe)


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Any other is a perfectly grammatical and idiomatic phrase. It means any X other than the X or X's previously referred to.

The relevant noun should be singular because it is referring to any single exemplar of a class, namely the class of all items in the class of X other than the designated ones.

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