I am wondering what could means such a given sentence:

you could use "help" in your sentence.

I mean that "could" is used in the past situations but i only consider this sentence and its exact meaning.

Let me explain what I comprehend according to this sentence:

you did not use "help" in your sentence. However, there is another verb which is "help" that you can depict your idea with the same cleanness.

Am I right?



could (vb)

  1. used as an auxiliary to indicate suggestion of a course of action: you could take the car tomorrow if it's raining.

You have could (past indicative) and could* (past subjunctive). The asterik marks the subjunctive form. could* does not refer to the past but - despite its name "past" - it refers to the present and expresses the idea of possibility. Could* you help me? - This means: Would it be possible that you help me?

I don't know what you mother-tongue is. If it has subjunctive forms you should* understand could*. If your mother-tongue has no subjunctive forms then it's a bit difficult to get the idea of subjunctive.

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