This passage is from TOEFL:

Those who are considered to be gorgeous can make millions of dollars due to their looks, while musical geniuses with modest looks may remain in obscurity.

I wonder if I can (or not) paraphrase considered to be into considered as.

Because I saw some considered as phrase in Teentimes; for example:

"In some ways it is considered as a protective feature to prevent terrorism."

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First of all, you can't say:

Those who are considered as gorgeous...

and you should say something like:

Those who are considered gorgeous / Those who are considered as gorgeous people

"Considered as" is less common than "considered to be" and they may have different meanings.

He is considered to be a well-known professor.

This sentence means there are a lot of people who share the same idea about him.

He is considered as a well-known professor.

In this sentence, it seems there is no evidence to see if he is really a famous professor (we may interpret "considered as" as "thought to be")

Finally, it's better to omit "as" and simply use "considered" (when you want to use considered as) according to this context:

As is sometimes used superfluously to introduce the complements of verbs like consider, deem, and account, as in They considered it as one of the landmark decisions of the civil rights movement. The measure was deemed as unnecessary. This usage may have arisen by analogy to regard and esteem, with which as is standardly used in this way: We regarded her as the best writer among us. But the use of as with verbs like consider is not sufficiently well established to be acceptable in writing.

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    I see nothing wrong with people considered as gorgeous, though considered gorgeous is perhaps more popular, and used in different circumstances.
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There is a difference between considered to be and considered as. If I say, for example, that I consider birds to be dinosaurs, then I am expressing my opinion that birds are dinosaurs. If I say that I consider birds as dinosaurs I am describing the way I consider birds (perhaps in a discussion or an academic paper), but it does not mean that I think birds actually are dinosaurs.

As another example, if I consider "Lotion A" as a sunscreen I am considering it for this use, not for use as a moisturiser.

Similarly "It is considered as a protective feature" means "it" is thought about in this way. Perhaps "it" is evaluated as a protective feature. "It is considered to be a protective feature" would mean that somebody (hopefully many competent somebodies) believe that "it" is indeed a protective feature.

Of course it is difficult to consider somebody as gorgeous (by imagining they are gorgeous) unless you consider them to be gorgeous. But it is peoples' opinions that matter in this example, so for your first example to be is correct.

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