This sentence is from TOEFL, and I want to know the usage (or meaning) of made in this sentence.

After watching this show, my family made several lifestyle changes to benefit the environment.

I searched the Cambridge dictionary, and I wonder if the meaning/usage of made in this sentence is perform an action.

I thought made in the sentence has same meaning of give. Am I right?

Any answer will help me a lot!


Of course, it means performing some action. And, it's a very general meaning of the verb make.

What do you say when you are done with a snowman?

I made a snowman

when done with cookies?

I made cookies for you!

So, when the family made changes, they brought in changes in their lifestyles. Simple as that! :)

At times, you don't dive deep into dictionaries! Trust your instinct and try to remember the collocation that you might have read somewhere in dailies or novels. 'make a change' is a kind of collocation used everywhere.

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