The thing that bothers me pretty much right now.
I know that I should use I thought they were ... in most cases.
The thing is, let me put it the straightest way I can.

The other day I saw an offer of the shoes and in the description was mentioned only 9. I took for granted that it was 9 in US sizing, but it turned out that it was uk. Now the question, because the shoes are still for sale and they still exist - in that case, should I say "I thought they are 9us", or no matter what should I go with "I thought they were 9us".


You thought they were size nine (US) at the time you ordered them (in the past). You now (in the present) know they are size nine (UK).

I thought they were US size nine but now I know they are UK size nine.

When I met my husband I thought he was a nice guy but now I know he's a total jerk.

Previous assumption, present knowledge.

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