Is the sentence bellow correct? I mean to say is the among preposition correct for the fraction(Z = X/Y)?

Z is calculated as a fraction of X among Y.


Fraction actually means a part of a whole, or a portion of a group.

The number of car owners who actually get regular oil changes is only a fraction of what it should be.

In other contexts the fraction X/Y represents the proportion X to Y. Among can make sense if you're talking about the proportion of populations of objects.

The proportion of juvenile animals among the entire herd is surprisingly high.

This doesn't sound quite right, but it would be understood. A better phrasing might be:

The proportion of juvenile animals to the population of the entire herd is surprisingly high.

You can also express fractions as ratios,

Z is the ratio of X over Y.

Or you can just say

Z is equal to X over Y.


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