The word "over" has many meanings but I can not understand what is the meaning of "over" here:

I will not allow you to leave school over this.

I think I don't get the sentence's structure correctly.

The full text is here:

He sighed and looked heavenward. “How much will it cost to fix the tooth?” “Fourteen hundred,” I said. “I’ll find the money.” “The church will pay,” he said quietly. “I have a discretionary fund.” “That money is sacred.” The bishop threw his hands in the air. We sat in silence, then he opened his desk drawer and withdrew a checkbook. I looked at the heading. It was for his personal account. He filled out a check, to me, for fifteen hundred dollars. “I will not allow you to leave school over this,” he said. The check was in my hand. I was so tempted, the pain in my jaw so savage, that I must have held it for ten seconds before passing it back.

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    Over can be used to mean as a result of (you could be fired over this) or about (don’t fuss over this), depending on the context. – Ronald Sole Jun 2 '18 at 16:48

collinsdictionary.com, "over", meaning section #3, definition #4:

You use over to indicate what a disagreement or feeling relates to or is caused by.
The women were making a fuss over nothing.
Synonyms: about, regarding, relating to, with respect to

It seems that "over" has about 30 meanings. Other definitions may also be relevant.

  • And Could you please explain to me what the meaning of the phrase is? (based on your chosen definition of "over") – Peace Jun 2 '18 at 17:19
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    @Peace “I will not allow you to leave school because of this” – Sam Jun 2 '18 at 17:21

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