According to Collins dictionary, funnily enough means:

You use funnily enough to indicate that, although something is surprising, it is true or really happened.

That basically sounds to me like a definition of amazingly enough as well. Is there a major difference or can they be used more or less interchangeably?

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    Even though I know that funny can mean "strange," I still associate it with "humorous." So, when I hear the phrase funnily enough part of me always thinks of it that way. Sometimes something can be both humorous and surprising at the same time, but if something is only surprising, and not at all humorous, I'll just say strangely enough. (I have never used amazingly enough, and I can't specifically recall hearing it before either. Although, I have used amazingly on its own.) – Jason Bassford Jun 3 '18 at 3:31

Funnily is weaker than amazingly.

  • Funnily enough, the woman in front of me on the bus was my sister's boss.
  • I lost my job and amazingly enough, I won a million dollars on the lottery the next day.
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