• Someone who is qualified to teach history is called a History teacher
  • Someone who teaches music is a Music teacher
  • … who teaches English to native speakers is an English teacher
  • … teaches English as a second language can be referred to as an English language teacher

But what about classics? A person who teaches the civilisation, history and art of the ancient Greeks and Romans is a…?

It seems that the title Classical Studies teacher is still in use in the UK but less so in the USA.

Paul Found, Classical Studies teacher and former OU (Open University) student

  • What do you call someone who teaches Classics in the US? Would “Classical Studies teacher” be understood there?

  • Can I say that someone is a Classicist professor at XYZ university? It sounds awkward to my ears, so is there a more common expression in the US and/or in the UK?


One who teaches in the Classics Department is a classicist aka Classics scholar.

classicist professor is not idiomatic.

Classics professor or Classics teacher is what the person is called informally in the US.

The "job title" may vary according to where the person is on the "tenure track":

Assistant Professor of Classics.

Associate Professor of Classics.

Professor of Classics.

If the person is not on the tenure track:

Adjunct Professor of Classics.

Adjunct Instructor of Classics.


I wouldn't say a "classicist professor" but simply a classicist:

an advocate or follower of classicism

a classical scholar

an expert in ancient Greek and Roman language, literature, art, architecture, or culture

someone who prefers a traditional and usually graceful and simple style in art, literature, music, architecture, etc. : a person who favors classicism


Classics teacher (in school). Professor of Classics at university (Professor has a different meaning in the US compared with the UK). A particular person may have a specific job title:

Professor Mary Beard. Professor of Classics. (Cambridge); Alvan Talcott Professor of Classics (Yale)

Professor Simon Goldhill. Professor of Greek Literature and Culture; Fellow and Director of Studies in Classics at King's College;

However the basis of most classical education is the study of the Latin Language, so "Latin teacher" is how such a person would probably be known at school. Even if they also teach classical civiliation or Greek, Latin is the core part of their job.

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