Is there any difference between these two sentences, please?

We went to Paris to visit the Louvre museum.
We went to Paris for visiting the Louvre museum.


To my ears the first sentence is fine, but the second sentence sounds wrong.

I suspect that the difference is that in the first sentence "to" is not a preposition but the first part of the infinitive of the verb "to visit". In the second sentence "for" is a preposition and should form part of a prepositional phrase, in which case it needs to be followed by a noun and any associated modifiers.

I could imagine someone saying:

We went to Paris for the holidays. Or We went to Paris for my mother's health.

One way I could imagine someone combining "We went to Paris for" and "visiting the Louvre museum", would be the rather clumsy sentence:

We went to Paris for the purpose of visiting the Louvre museum.

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