Someone asked me what the difference is between "We are the champions OF the world" and "We are the champions IN the world". I couldn't really explain other than saying "of" is more commonly used and sounds more final/definitive.
How would you describe the difference in meaning/nuance between these two sentences?

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    Of course the champions of the world is far more common. Like what you feel, I think the sentence with of sounds more definitive. I'm not sure, but maybe because of implies the possessiveness, while in implies a part of the whole! Jun 8, 2018 at 4:24

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For me,

"We are the champions in the world"

has no meaning.

Yes, the world is the only place where you can be the champion, so no need to say it unnecessarily.

We are the champions OF the world.

Says: "You are the best, better than everyone in the world."

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