It is from Crash Course World History. It is at around 8 minute and 13 second. Here it goes:

Napoleon had plans to reconstruct France's empire in North America that it had lost most of in the 7 Years War, and to do this he needed tons of money from France's most valuable colony, Saint-Domingue. And the best way to maximize profits? Why, to reintroduce slavery, of course.

Did the presenter mean why not to reintroduce...?

  • That's what the comma is for -- to indicate that why has a special intonation as an interjection and is not being used as an interrogative or relative. Commented Jun 9, 2018 at 18:13

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Why? Because ...

would be a so-called "rhetorical question" and its answer. But here it functions also like "Well then, let me tell you the answer to that question..."


Why, look at how much the two of you have grown! Come here and give grandma a big hug.

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