I'm a software programmer and writing a CV in English now. How can I describe my experience correctly?

programming IN Java or programming WITH Java

Java is a programming language.

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    I would say you program in a language with and IDE or tools suite. E.g., I have experience programming in Java with NetBeans.
    – Jim
    Feb 1, 2014 at 23:22

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The following distinction is subtle and may not make a difference.

Programming with Java has a broader (perhaps more sophisticated) tone. "I completed the project programming with Java and Soap."

Programming in Java has a more direct and deep, but narrow tone: "I just finished the Java class at the University, and now I know how to program in Java." Also, "I know how to program in Java."

Using Google Search, Programming with Java is the more common phrase, by an order of magnitude, even in web page titles:

With this said, CV questions are extremely context dependent.

As a bullet point accomplishment:

  • Programming with Java and Net Beans, culminating in a successful launch for a top tier product for a Fortune 500 company.

As a bullet point skill:

  • Programming Languages: Java, C#, C++

Prose limited to programming language skill:

  • I have experience programming in Java, C#, and C++.

Note the ways "with" can produce a broader (more sophisticated) tone:
I worked in/with several groups to get the job done.
I worked in/with the marketing team to create a successful launch.

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