I want to describe someone who is tired and is going to bed dragging his feet on the ground. A google search of "shuffled to bed" or "shuffled to his bed" gave me very few hits (at first I got thousands of them, but when I scrolled down the page to see them all they were reduced to only a few) Are there more common verbs or expressions that I can use to write this action?


Actually, shuffled does work—but it takes the form shuffled off:

transitive verb
to get rid of : push away : SHIRK
when we have shuffled off this mortal coil —Shakespeare
shuffle off the heavy burden of our guilt —Richard Chase
teachers cannot … shuffle off their responsibility —C. I. Glicksberg

intransitive verb
to be on one's way : mosey along
let him shuffle off to the wilderness —J. B. Priestley

In your case:

He shuffled off to bed.

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