1. I take my coffee with milk and sugar.

=) With milk and sugar, I take my coffee.


  1. Today is the first day of the month.

=) Of the month, today is the first day.

  1. He is the son of Bill.

=) Of Bill, he is the son.

I know Nb1 is correct, but inside Nb2 and Nb3 three there may be problem starting with preposition OF. what do you think?Can we use preposition "Of" as all other prepositions.

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    Have you ever heard anyone talking like that? Please don't try to emulate Yoda. – userr2684291 Jun 12 '18 at 15:58
  • None of your examples are idiomatic, and I don't understand exactly what you're asking here. – FumbleFingers Reinstate Monica Jun 12 '18 at 16:30

Yes, you can, but not in the manner that you have done.

Of all the places we visited on our trip, __________ was by far the most beautiful.

There must be some "rhetorical" reason to begin the sentence with a prepositional phrase where the preposition is of.

Of the options presented to us, it was the least expensive.

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You can but don't, unless you have a very good reason.

It is hard to think of a context in which these sentences would be a good choice. Even the first (that you know is correct) is doubtful. The others are just not used, unless (as noted in a comment) you are Yoda from Star wars.

Perhaps when you want a marked contrast by bringing the Of phrase to the front it may be possible.

Of these matters I will not speak.

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