From NPR: Wheels On The Bike Go Round And Round (To Make Music)

The story tells that Baber--a music writer, create music out of bikes.

BABER: For instance, when you pluck a spoke on a wheel, you're not just hearing one, you're hearing all of them. They all ring out from sympathetic vibration. So the way to solve that was to tune every single spoke to the exact same pitch, which takes forever.

What's the meaning of "take forever" here? Forever to the same pitch after tuning?


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Two idioms here:

It takes time means "time is required". It takes a long time means "a long time is required".

Forever is a colloquial exaggeration, understood as "a very long time".

So which takes forever means "which requires a very long time".


To say something "takes forever" is simply hyperbole to mean it takes a very long time.

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