I want to say a film band is a very boring motive for a film production company logo because every other production company uses it. Is there a single word for it?

In Czech, we call it "ohraný" which translates to "corny" by the Google Translator (which isn't anywhere close) and literally means a song has been "ruined by playing". It's like "worn-out" for a music, therefore "ruined". I guess I'd just like to add the negative emotion in the "commonplace".

  • I think “film strip” might be a better description than “film band” based on the context.
    – ColleenV
    Commented Jun 18, 2019 at 15:33

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The word you may be looking for is


which usually means something has lost its effectiveness.

  • So could I say: "Film band is an awfuly overused motive for a production company logo."? Thank you!
    – Probably
    Commented Jun 17, 2018 at 15:33

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