I was watching/reading World cup soccer live updates and read following sentence.

"Lichtsteiner is down holding his face. Replays show that he wore a trailing arm from Miranda. He’s up now and seems to be fine."

What does "he wore a trailing arm from someone" mean? It sounds like it means a player was hit by another player's arm. Maybe this sentence also suggests the hit was an accident since the word "trailing arm." Am I correct? why do we use the word "wear" in this case?

Thank you.


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The sportscaster is using


figuratively as an analogy. Miranda's arm was in close contact to Lichtsteiner's face and remained there for a time as if he was wearing a piece of clothing

Lichtsteiner was wearing Miranda's arm

The significance is that prolonged contact is not allowed and is player interference.

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    Peter might well be correct and either way, "he wore a trailing arm…" is hardly great English. Commented Nov 3, 2018 at 23:04

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