"How do I make a person do ... ?" and "How do I get a person to do ... ?" are colloquial.

I've considered these, but they don't have the same meaning:

  • "How do I force a person to do ... ?"

  • "How do I encourage a person to do ... ?"

What're some same-meaning alternatives to "make someone do something" and "get someone to do something"?

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It should be noted that get and make have subtly different meanings.

Make often implies some level of force or coercion, while get leaves the door open to persuasion.

How do I make a person do ... =

  • How do I compel a person to do ...

to force or drive, especially to a course of action:

How do I get a person to do ... =

  • How do I induce a person to do ...

to move by persuasion or influence

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