"How do I make a person do ... ?" and "How do I get a person to do ... ?" are colloquial.

I've considered these, but they don't have the same meaning:

  • "How do I force a person to do ... ?"

  • "How do I encourage a person to do ... ?"

What're some same-meaning alternatives to "make someone do something" and "get someone to do something"?


It should be noted that get and make have subtly different meanings.

Make often implies some level of force or coercion, while get leaves the door open to persuasion.

How do I make a person do ... =

  • How do I compel a person to do ...

to force or drive, especially to a course of action:

How do I get a person to do ... =

  • How do I induce a person to do ...

to move by persuasion or influence

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