TOKYO, June 21 (Reuters) - Japanese government bond prices slipped on Thursday, as a lull in China-U.S. trade conflict soothed nerves and curbed investor demand for safe-haven debt. JGBs were pressured as Japanese stocks stretched gains amid the continuing ebb in risk aversion with the Nikkei rising 0.65 percent. Reuters

Hi, what does "stretched gains" mean here?

When I looked for strentch on Longman, it says:

[intransitive, transitive] if you make an amount of money, food etc stretch or it stretches, you use less of it than you usually would so that you have it for a longer time Longman

Does it mean Japanese stocks are using less gains?


It is a different definition. Use stretch:

  1. ergative verb
    If an event or activity stretches or is stretched into a further period of time, it continues into that period, which is later than expected.

So it is saying that the (stock market) gains lasted longer than was otherwise expected.

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