why do we use an active form of present perfect in the following sentence but we do not use a passive of it i.e, has been evolved?

The island of Mauritius has evolved from an agricultural to a semi-industrialized country over the past three decades.


Because to evolve is an intransitive verb, it does not take an object.

You cannot evolve something, something is not evolved by something else.

That also means that a passive form (implying that the evolving is done by something to Mauritius) is not an option.

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    +.75 Evolve may be used transitively: one may evolve plans, or solutions, or ideas, and that use will accommodate a passive as well. But this use demands an 'agent', a person or institution actively pursuing an end, which is contrary to the general notion of biological or social evolution. Feb 4 '14 at 22:04

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