I'm listening R&B and would like to know what singer says.

Google translator cannot help and and linguee has no records.

How should I understand "hit me off" in the lyrics for the New Edition song "Hit me off"? (The last song on this list, Nr. 38)

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As you found, this is not an idiom in common use, so we can assume this is something the songwriter made up because it sounds good. In such a situation you have to interpret the meaning from context.

My guess is that here "hit me off" means more or less the same thing as "turn me on".

turn (someone) on: to cause someone to feel excited and very interested.

This often has a sexual connotation, as in the singer would like the woman to make him feel sexually excited, and probably also that the singer would like the woman to agree to have sex with him.


In this lyric from the 'Lil Wayne song "Cry Out", the phrase hit me off seems to be synonymous with the slang phrase "brush {someone} off", that is, to show no real respect or regard for them, to treat them as casually as a bug brushed off a sleeve. But you should get an answer from someone who is much more familiar with black vernacular speech than I am:

And all I know 'bout my real pops is that he had money 
No bank account, that brown paper bag money
Yea he might hit me off with a little brag money
But the nigga still wouldn't be a dad for me 
  • It sounds more similar to the expression "buy someone off", meaning to try and win someone's favor with monetary gifts. Although this usually implies some kind of corruption, and isn't normally used for family relationships.
    – Andrew
    Jun 24, 2018 at 16:02

It's just my opinion but I think

hit me off

is a bit of a play on

hit it off

as in

Person x and person y really hit it off last night!

I think the singer is saying he wants to hit it off with this girl.


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