"Zootopia" around 00:14:04/01:48:32

Benjamin Clawhauser: O.M. Goodness... They really did hire a bunny. [Laughs] What!? I gotta tell you, you are even cuter than I thought you'd be!

Judy Hopps: Ooh, uh, you probably didn't know, but a bunny can call another bunny cute, but when other animals do it, it's a little...

Benjamin Clawhauser: [Gasps] I am so sorry! Me, Benjamin Clawhauser, the guy everyone thinks is just a flabby, donut-loving cop stereotyping you, oh...


1 Why is the subject "me" instead of "I"?

2 Is the sentence in the past continuous tense? "Me was stereotyping you"? Why is "was" missing?

relative: Why did Hopps the bunny use "didn't" when talking the present moment? Was it a kind of mood?


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It's a sort of conversational deletion. The fuller version would be something like

Imagine me stereotyping you


Here we see me stereotyping you

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