My mother tongue is Spanish and in Spanish the correct way to enumerate ideas is saying something like the following:

I have many ideas, among them we can find: idea A; idea B; idea C ;and finally, idea D.

With this in mind I would like to know how is this done in English and if the following paragraph needs to be modified.

Among her multiple duties and responsibilities, the following activities, for one of the main natural products that the company was developing, stand out: supply chain (from supplier to end customer) study and design, including the entire production process; time schedule planning, demand and capacity calculation; and finally, personnel, material, informative and financial flow.

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Your use of a colon, semicolons, and commas is perfectly acceptable.

From the University of Leicester:

Use the semi-colon to separate items in a list when one or more items contain a comma.

The speakers were: Dr Sally Meadows, Biology; Dr Fred Eliot, Animal Welfare; Ms Gerri Taylor, Sociology; and Prof. Julie Briggs, Chemistry.

The four venues will be: Middleton Hall, Manchester; Highton House, Liverpool; Marsden Hall, Leeds; and the Ashton Centre, Sheffield.

The main points in favour of the system were that it would save time for buying, accounts and on-site staff; it would be welcome by the reception staff; it would use fewer resources; and it would be compatible with earlier systems.

This disambiguation of phrases with commas is one of the main uses of semicolons.

Even when list items don't contain commas, semicolons can still be used if the items are lengthy.

Per Oxford:

If each item in the list is quite long, semicolons can be used instead of commas:

This criticism can be interpreted in various ways: as an attack on Shakespeare’s presumption in challenging the university-educated dramatist; as an accusation of plagiarism; and as an attack on Shakespeare’s plagiarism of Greene.

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