I learned that verb spend followed by time or money usually go along with -ing form (with or without preposition on or in).

However, I found a sentence in TOEFL:

The university should spend money to support activities where student can socialize with.

Now I am confused!

Is there any constraint with regard to spend money/time which I do not know?

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The general phrase is:

a person spends money on something or someone

Almost any preposition can go after to spend (adjective) money (on something or someone).

  • I spend money before I have it.
  • The mayor spends money at the tabacco store.
  • My girlfriend loves to spend my money on dresses behind my back.
  • We are spending lots of money on blackjack with our poker chips.
  • Paul wants to spend his money on his wife in order to make her happy.
  • Paul does want to spend money on jewelry for his wife to make her more happy.

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