What would be a "right" adjective for the following sentence? The sought-after adjective should denote the necessity of the matter but downplay its significance for the time being.

job hunter: I would like to discuss the issue of compensation during my phone interview with the hiring manager.

recruiter: I think it's best to focus the discussion primarily about the job for now. Compensation is a(n) _____ issue at this stage of the conversation with the manager.

a few options below, but none seems spot-on:

accessory/supplementary: additional ?
unnecessary: (I think this is a "wrong" choice of word in this context)
peripheral/tangential: maybe ?? but seems to imply the non-necessity of the matter

Any better suggestion?

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You consider the issue to be premature at this stage.


The issue is ancillary or secondary. Ancillary would suggest it is not the main point but absolutely necessary. Secondary makes the point about being non-central a bit stronger.


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