I am not sure what "prep" means in this sentence from an NYT article:

As usual, the tidy nook was stacked with plastic containers of odds and ends, leftover prep from the night before, set aside for staff meal.

I thought it possibly means "prepared food," but this usage doesn't seem to be supported by dictionaries. What does "prep" mean here?

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Prep = preparation. I worked in a pizza shop we referred to jobs such as. Opening packets of food, mushrooms, capsicum, tins of pineapple, Putting them into steel containers in the fridge in rows as "Prep".

There is a pizza making bench filled with such containers. When the mushrooms run out we can go grab a "prepared" container from the main fridge and just replace the empty one at the pizza making bench. Its very busy at dinner time!

Given the mention of plastic containers I would imagine something like that!

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