Are there any other words which give the meaning not enrolled?

I am searching for a single word which means never being enrolled in the first place, or not being a member of some class/school/institution etc.

I know of the word unenrolled but I don't know whether it's correct or not as I cannot find it's meaning in some dictionaries like Oxford advanced learners dictionaries, Cambridge dictionary etc. Though I have found its meaning as to undo the enrollment of, in some dictionaries. I have found some other words like disenroll which imply the same meaning.

Suppose I want to say students who are not enrolled in a class, how can I say it using alternative for "not enrolled"?

But I can't find any word which implies the meaning never enrolled in the first place.

Are there any words which fits in the context? If so, can anyone please tell me which words I can use instead of not enrolled?

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    What's wrong with 'not enrolled'? - it describes the situation perfectly, though it doesn't distinguish between 'non-members' & 'ex-members'. Jul 4, 2018 at 16:10
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    And what's wrong with nonmember? Questions asking for lists of words aren't really a great fit for this format.
    – ColleenV
    Jul 4, 2018 at 16:31
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    To be "unenrolled" is a somewhat colloquial way to say "removed from the rolls". It's not the same as never being enrolled in the first place, or not being a member of some community. There are several words that may fit, but a lot depends on the context. What exactly are they not members of?
    – Andrew
    Jul 4, 2018 at 16:40
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    @OmkarReddy I've never heard anything but, "Students who are not enrolled in the class." That is the most idiomatic English expression. Anything else would probably sound strange.
    – Andrew
    Jul 4, 2018 at 16:41
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    @OmkarReddy unregistered, possibly, but this means something different. As I said, "not enrolled" is what everyone actually uses.
    – Andrew
    Jul 4, 2018 at 16:48

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I don’t think there is one. I work closely with a registrar at an institution of higher learning, and students might be *admitted into a program, enrolled in a course or program, or registered for a class, but I don’t know of any single word that covers “never enrolled” better than the phrase “not enrolled” (which could mean that the student was enrolled at one time, but has since disenrolled) or “never enrolled”.

Sometimes English just doesn’t have a word for something you’d like to say in a single word.


The single word you may be looking for might be


Non-enrolled Student Policy:
Students who wish to remain active in their program but do not enroll for classes in either the fall or spring semester and are not on a Leave of Absence will be considered non-enrolled.

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